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Multi Shot Molding of Pedal Housing for Automotive Industry

Two-Shot Component

The safety-critical pedal housing highlighted here showcases our two-shot molding capability here at Chemtech Plastics. We manufactured this assembly for a German automotive company that was looking for a U.S. supplier for their more technically challenging parts. As one of the leading authorities on tooling design and multi-shot injection molding, we were able to transform their concept into a production-ready workflow within a 13-week timeframe.

Two-shot molding is an effective method for bonding two different thermoplastic materials into one integrated part, all in a single molding cycle. This housing featured a very complicated geometry and consisted of 50% glass filled polypropylene (substrate) and a thermoplastic elastomer (seal). The intriguing aspect of the project was to create a mold that allowed the seal to be applied to both sides of the substrate. We developed an exclusive concept for extracting and then replacing the core from both halves of the 4+4 cavity mold and tested it extensively using simulation software to validate the concept before we built the tooling.

In addition to our 350 ton Arburg press, the dedicated work cell also incorporated a rotating center mold plate as well as a robotic system for separating the parts and then packaging them by cavity to ensure absolute traceability.

This housing features dimensions of 2.5” in width and 4.0” in height. Our stable processing systems combined with precision-build tooling enabled us to uphold close ±.001” tolerances. Along with improving product quality, by using a 2-shot process we were also able to achieve overall cost savings. We continue to supply these housings at the rate of 450,000 units per year and have since engaged with this client on many other challenging projects.

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Multi Shot Molding of Pedal Housing Specifications

Project Name & Description
2 Shot Housing – Throttle by wire application
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
4+4 Cavity, 2-Shot rotary mold
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Two-shot 350 Arburg Press
Overall Part Dimensions
2.5” x 4”
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
PP 50% Glass Filled , TPE
Industry for Use
450,000 / year

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