TOYO Si-6 Series

The innovative TOYO Si-6 Series is a fully electric injection molding machine that can press up to 400 tons. The TOYO Si-6 has improved injection stability, thanks to low-friction linear guides located by the sliding area of the injection device, to create a high-quality production environment. It also has a modern control system with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that features enhanced mold protection, mold condition analysis, and molding navigation. Small but mighty, the TOYO Si-6 brings all the clamping force of larger models in a more space-efficient package that fits seamlessly into our facilities.

ARBURG Allrounder 520 S

The ARBURG Allrounder 520 S is a three-shot (3K), hydraulic injection molding machine with a clamping force of up to 176 tons. Well known for its quality, reliability, and efficiency, this machine features the ARBURG energy-saving system (AES), which ensures cost-effective production by using a frequency converter to continually adjust the motor speed to the actual required amount of power. It also has their servo-hydraulic system (ASH), making it energy-efficient with low-emission operation. The Arburg Allrounder 520 S is capable of producing a variety of different parts, from housing covers to sensors.

Sodick GL 150

The Sodick GL 150 is the injection molding machine for the job when it comes to high value-added products in a number of different industries, including electronics, medical equipment, optics, and precision. Pressing up to 150 tons, this machine features Sodick's original V-LINE® that ensures a highly accurate and reproducible injection process. It also has a hydraulic accumulator mechanism that allows for quick injection with dynamic responsiveness, as well as an electric servo motor, which is what gives the Sodick GL 150 its energy-saving performance abilities.