Industrial Electrical Injection Molding

Chemtech Plastics is a significant supplier of components and assemblies for electrical, electronic, and industrial applications. With over 30 years of experience in precision injection molding and toolmaking, we have the resources to produce components with tight tolerances from a wide range of resins. 

Our engineers will assist with Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and make expert recommendations to meet virtually any structural and performance requirements. Helping our clients select the right resin to provide the best blend of characteristics is a crucial step in our process. Leveraging our multi-shot, insert, and overmolding capabilities, we can transform multiple parts into one strongly bonded, integrated assembly.

Using highly automated process streams, Chemtech is able to produce industrial components quickly and affordably. We specialize in molding high-strength products with excellent resistance in heat-generating electrical equipment. Furthermore, as electronic devices get smaller and more sophisticated, high levels of accuracy and consistency are imperative. As such, we have perfected the manufacturing of small complex geometries for a range of products, from single-function devices to high-end electronic equipment.

Electrical Components

We manufacture strong, lightweight parts for numerous industrial applications and ensure excellent resistance in heat-generating electrical equipment. With our highly automated process, we are able to produce these components quickly and affordably.

Light pipes


Battery packs

Contact blocks

Cord clamps

Plate covers

Outlet housings

LED lenses

Sanitary flow control valves


Pump housings