Every individual at Chemtech Plastics is dedicated to the creation of defect-free products and services and on-time delivery, as well as continual personal and professional improvement, and a passion for excellence. We regularly set new quality objectives to allow for ourselves to measure and assess our own abilities and progress. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the highest level of quality across the board—from development and production to customer service and employee satisfaction.


At Chemtech Plastics, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is present from the start of every project. To successfully implement these principles and practices, a project’s preliminary phases are most crucial. All project stakeholders need to be involved, from designers and engineers to mold builders and technicians, working cross-functionally to challenge the design and come up with the best possible final product.

Through a thorough examination of the design, materials, processes, environment, and compliance and testing requirements, Chemtech is able to lower manufacturing and production time significantly, as well as the cost to our clients.

Examples of effective DFM include designing products that:

  • Minimize the number of product parts
  • Use standardized parts when possible
  • Interlock or clip together without screws, fasteners, or adhesives
  • Have minimized positioning, orienting, and fastening
  • Have minimized assembly direction
  • Have maximized compliance

The final result is an optimized design of your plastic injection-molded part or component—free of unnecessary embedded costs. DFM allows Chemtech to ensure our clients always receive the best possible version of the parts they need.

Design For Manufacturing