Medical Injection Molding

Thanks to our leading-edge medical injection molding capabilities, Chemtech Plastics has formed strong partnerships with medical device manufacturers that specialize in surgical and diagnostic applications. We have a strong background in medical manufacturing and the experience and resources to fulfill government compliance requirements.

Using Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) principles, our engineers optimize parts for cost-effective manufacturing, and we use automated data collection methods to provide process validation and component or device traceability, along with machinery validation.

Moreover, we have engineered high-volume automated assembly lines that produce upwards of one million parts per year; our automated assembly lines incorporate in-line inspection to ensure a repeatable process; and our DQS-Certificated quality management program emphasizes defect prevention.

Our technical authority for manufacturing medical device components encompasses multi-shot molding, insert molding, and overmolding of complex products, including those with delicate features and integrated wiring and circuitry. We have extensive knowledge of the application and use of medical-grade and FDA-approved materials, including PC/ABS, PEEK, and more. From start to finish of each new program, Chemtech guarantees plastic injection molding parts and components for the medical device industry that are durable, reliable, cost-efficient, and reproducible at high volumes.

Medical Components

There is no plastic injection molding component we can't handle for the medical device industry. Medical and dental applications, including single-use devices and instruments, are all possible here, thanks to our highly experienced team and advanced, specialized machinery and technology.

Neurological probes

Thin wall medical instruments

Biopsy components

Robotic surgical components

Medical seals

Medical housings

Precision instrument drive components

Surgical structure components

Medical connectors

Robotic actuators

Medical drape components

Electromechanical chassis

Insert molded robotic driver components

Medical sensor components