Optical Lighting Injection Molding

One of our core strengths at Chemtech Plastics is molding clear plastics for optical lighting applications. LED lights are used extensively across the automotive, electronics, and medical industries, and we’ve developed a proprietary tooling process to create them, with an innovative runner and gating technique that allows for a very controlled injection and cooling cycle. 

In many situations, a molded clear plastic lens is more desirable than glass. In addition to being less expensive, they are lighter in weight and less prone to breakage. Moreover, our products exhibit an exceptional degree of optical clarity and light transmittance.

With a diverse range of products made from both polycarbonate and acrylic materials, we’re able to mold thick, clear components free from defects such as flow marks, sinks, and other undesirable flaws. Additionally, our engineers will help you choose the best material to meet your specific performance requirements and ensure products don’t degrade or discolor.

Optical Lighting Components

When you look at the optical lighting components crafted by Chemtech, you can tell our attention to detail is always spot on. The importance of selecting the best possible material for a given project is a special skill, particularly when talking about transparent polymers.

Interior lighting applications

PRNDL sensors

Lighted pushbuttons

Light guides and bars



Horizontal and vertical light pipes

Board-mounted applications

Panel-mounted applications

Rain/light sensor

This 3-shot (3K) component is an automotive application of optical lighting that is used across multiple vehicle platforms. It provides the signals to enable headlights and windshield wipers, adjust the HVAC temperatures, and deploy DriverAssist, as well as other safety functions.